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Dementia Care

Through ComForCare’s 24-hour dementia care services in Bel Air, CA and the surrounding areas, individuals living with Alzheimer’s disease or another form of dementia are able to safely continue to live at home. When a loved one has the ability to live in their own home, they experience comfort and convenience. Our team members can help by providing dementia home care services in Bel Air, CA in order to help individuals maximizing their independence and quality of life ― all while providing the same caring attention you would.

DementiaWise® Home Care Services in Bel Air, California

We understand that caring for loved ones with dementia can be a challenging experience. That’s why ComForCare developed the DementiaWise program, which combines industry best practices with the latest dementia care research to help those with Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia. Each one of our caregivers in Bel Air, CA have received dementia care training in the most effective and up-to-date caregiving techniques. Through our dementia home care in Bel Air, a dedicated caregiver can help with:

  • Grooming
  • Bathing
  • Dressing
  • Incontinence care
  • Meal preparation
  • Cognitive and sensory stimulation
  • Following a daily routine
  • Social interaction
  • Maximizing independence
  • Meaningful activities/li>
  • Safety supervision

Our caregivers are available for as little as a few hours a week up to around-the-clock care. With ComForCare in Bel Air, CA at your side, you can rest assured knowing your loved one will receive the proper care needed from an experienced dementia-trained caregiver.

Meaningful Activities and Dementia Care

Meaningful activities are customized based on each client’s interests, hobbies, skills and abilities. These activities can include word and board games, community outings, art, music and stimulation through the senses.
If your loved one is struggling to stay connected to who they once were, you need the support of someone who is trained to deliver customized dementia care. Our caregivers in Bel Air, CA help maximize independence and quality of life for all of our clients - all while providing the same caring attention that a family member would.

Give Your Loved One Better Days Through Dementia Care Services

ComForCare gives you the support you need and the peace of mind you deserve, so you and your loved one can have better days together. Through the help of our dedicated caregivers and specialized dementia care in Bel Air, ComForCare can help individuals in Bel Air, CA and the surrounding areas have better days. Our specialized caregiver techniques can help to bring awareness to challenging dementia behaviors.

Please call our agency at 424-465-9008 to discuss dementia care services in Bel Air, CA and the surrounding areas. We are happy to answer any questions you may have about our services and look forward to providing quality care for your loved one. If you need additional information on dementia care techniques, ComForCare also has a variety of videos and informational resources that can help educate your family.

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