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"Dan lived  a full life for a long time.  Thanks to your care and support.  Thank you!  ---  Jill

"it was truly wonderful to find you and your employees to take care of mom.  You and your staff allowed Mom to stay at home and die in her own house like she wanted.  She and we are so grateful for that."  ---  Her children, Linda, Tom and John

"Deep gratitude for your hard work, kindness and dedication.  Thank you!"  ---  The Van Aiken Family

"I want to thank Tracy for going out of her way during the power outage.  What a very caring and conscientous person she is to contact he families of her patients."  ---  Terri

"I wanted to let you know that I have had contactwith several of the Veterans/families that you have recently started providing services for and I have heard MANY great compliments about your company.  Thank you so much for providing great customer service through your staff and aides for our patients.  ---  Ana T. Harden, LISW-S, Home Based Primary Care Social Worker, Department of Veterans Affairs

"I want to personally thank the caregivers who took care of my sister, Joan.  Her last few months would have been much more difficult if it had not been for their care.  I could not have managed without them."  ---  Jeanette K.

"Thank you very much for the excellent care you provided for Oma.  Always keeping her safe and happy.  Thank you for making a difference in her life, keeping her in her home as long as possible.  Your recommendation on her long-term care was spot on."  ---  Bob and Michelle

"It was truly wonderful to find you and your employees to take care of mom.  .... You and your staff allowed mom to stay at home and die in her own house like she wanted.  We are so grateful for that."   ---  Linda, Tom and John

"I just wanted to let you know I really was surprised when John Jr. dropped off a paycheck for me with the payroll error.  I talked to Heather over the weekend about it and John handled it right away.  That was so thoughtful of him to bring it to me at my client's house yesterday.  I am proud to say I work for ComForCare!  In so many ways ComForCare truly cares about their clients and their employees.  Thank you so much!"  ---  Tracy S.

"I reluctantly need to let you know that Marge won't be able to return to her apartment.  With these recent mini-strokes, she just can't live on her own and take care of herself safely any longer, even with home health care.  Of course, this is a big life change for Marge, and hard for her to accept because she is so independent.  Marge has so much to be proud of having made it to age 94 and living on her own, cooking, baking, cleaning and all!  We've always advocated for Marge's independent, but we know that now her needs are too great and she needs constant care.  

We will always highly recommend ComForCare home care services.  You and your staff truly went above and beyond in caring for Marge, in spite of how difficult a patient she sometimes was.  We believe that Marge was able to live independently as long as she did because ComForCare really went the long mile to provide care for her.  Even she she wouldn't let your staff do it!  You have a quality agency, and the flexibility you were able to provide because of having multiple clients at Westwood was wonderful.  We always said that to each Medicaid/Medicare Case Manager that visited Marge.  

For the many times that Marge did not express proper appreciation, please know that Rich and I appreciated every effort that was made for Marge.  And Tracy was simply a godsend.  She cared for Marge the best that anyone ever could have, in spite of Marge being so difficult. Tracy is an excellent aide to begin with, and she provided the highest quality of care possible in this situation!  Please express our personal thanks to Tracy.  We will never forget all she did for Marge, and therefore for us.  

Again, many thanks for all you and your staff have done for our family."   ---   Susan T.



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