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Companion Care

ComForCare NYC employs the best companion care providers available in New York City, and you can meet them before you begin paying for any services. In addition to having the requisite skills for this type of support, our caregivers are specifically screened for personality, compassion and energy. Because of this dedication to finding the right companion and our personalized care planning, we offer an experience few can match.

The life experience, unique backgrounds and engaging, positive approach to caregiving that our companions bring with them builds stronger relationships. These relationships and the energy they generate can lead to improved health and emotional well-being for your loved ones.

ComForCare NYC works to choose caregivers who are not only highly qualified, but who also have exceptional interpersonal skills, an infectiously positive attitude, and a strong sense of responsibility. When our caregivers engage and are perceptive, we believe seniors become more receptive, leading to benefits socially, emotionally and physically.

Because of these benefits, we hire interesting and diverse caregivers who are specifically screened for personality, compassion and energy to make for better companions—something other agencies do not or cannot do in New York City. Our companions include:

  • College-educated individuals

  • Nursing students

  • College/gradudate level students

  • Performing artists (actors, musicians, etc)

  • Home care aides

In addition to finding the perfect companion, ComForCare NYC creates activity plans, music programs, cognitive training plans, and other highly personalized programs for every individual to get them more involved in the community.


Meet our companions and you will understand the difference immediately.  

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