Dementia Care

For many, dementia is a difficult word to hear. Those with dementia often suffer severe issues with daily functioning such as memory, reasoning, and behavioral changes. As dementia progresses, individuals will experience increasing difficulty maintaining their routines. When dementia becomes too difficult for seniors and their loved ones to handle on their own, a dementia care specialist can help. Our team at ComForCare provides quality Minnetonka dementia care to help seniors and their loved ones.

What Is Dementia?

A common misconception is that dementia is a specific medical condition. Dementia is a blanket term used to describe a specific set of symptoms that are severe enough to interfere with the patient’s daily functioning. There are several types of dementia. Alzheimer’s disease is the most common. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), dementia affects nearly 36 million people worldwide. Alarmingly, this statistic is expected to double by 2030 and triple by 2050.

Effects of Dementia

The effects of dementia will vary from individual to individual, including the types of symptoms experienced and the speed at which they develop. This is why it’s important for those with dementia to receive a specialized and targeted care plan to suit each of their specific needs and nurture their specific strengths and weaknesses.

Dementia symptoms may include, but are not limited to:
  • Losing or misplacing personal possessions
  • Forgetting important information, such as appointments and events
  • Decreased ability to pay attention and focus on matters at hand
  • Interference with judgment and reasoning skills
  • Confusion and disorientation regarding time and place
  • Trouble with planning and organization
  • Changes in mood and personality, such as irritability and anxiety
  • Development of other medical conditions like depression

DementiaWise Program

ComForCare’s DementiaWise program is a proprietary, customized, industry-leading dementia care program. It includes many principles of habilitation therapy, a behavioral approach to caring for those with dementia. This therapy is accepted by the Alzheimer’s Association and the standard of care for more than 300 memory care units around the United States.

Habilitation Therapy

Habilitation therapy focuses on optimizing remaining abilities as opposed to what has been lost. The independence, capabilities, and morale of dementia clients are consistently engaged. This produces a state of psychological wellbeing that reduces, prevents, or eliminates difficult behaviors, even as dementia progresses.

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