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DementiaWise Home Care Services

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If you have a family member with dementia, you know it affects every aspect of their life, Alzheimer's disease and other forms of dementia can diminish someone's ability to understand and communicate, alter their behavior and moods, and affect their physical health.

ComForCare’s dementia care services can help ensure your loved one is comfortable and receiving the care they need to live a quality life.

DementiaWise: Our home care services make dementia care easier

Caring for people with dementia (including Alzheimer’s disease and other types) can be challenging. Our behavioral approach to dementia care is person centered and uses research-based behavioral interventions to create better days for you and your loved one.

Whether your loved one has Alzheimer’s disease, vascular dementia, Lewy body dementia, frontotemporal dementia or another type, our specially-trained caregivers can help your loved one with dementia be as independent as possible, for as long as possible. Our home care services make it easier for families to enjoy precious time with their loved one, while knowing clients are receiving the best care possible.

DementiaWise allows you and your loved one to live your best life possible

How we can help

Family members often have work, family obligations or their own health care challenges that make it difficult to care for aging parents or other loved ones.

ComForCare can help take some of the responsibilities off your plate with in-home care services. Caregivers are available for a few hours a week up to 24/7 including holidays. Our specially-trained caregivers provide personalized care to match each client’s specific needs and interests.

Our highly qualified caregivers receive custom training in dementia care

DementiaWise-trained caregivers develop understanding and skills in the most effective care techniques. Prior to the start of in-home care, we brief each caregiver on your loved one’s needs and preferences. As part of our dementia care services, your caregiver will:

  • Deliver customized daily care
  • implement best practices for dementia care
  • Follow strategies to decrease challenging dementia behavior
  • Engage in meaningful activities
  • Support and stimulate remaining abilities

With our help, you can both live life on your terms and enjoy precious time together

Why DementiaWise is different 

We are a leader in home care services for people with dementia. The DementiaWise program includes tools that keep clients calm, engaged, happy and functioning at their best. With our best practices and ongoing training, the dementia care services provided by ComForCare are among the best in the home care industry.

Many of our locations are DementiaWise-certified and meet our corporate office’s high standards for dementia education and caregiving excellence. For more information about dementia care services provided by ComForCare, please contact your local office.

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