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California Department of Developmental Services
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Sacramento, CA 94244-2020
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The Department of Developmental Services believes the California developmental services community is best served by the open exchange of information and opinions. DDS is also committed to providing mechanisms for the resolution of problems and complaints when they arise. A number of formal processes have been established for handling appeals and complaints. The following is a brief description of each process with a link to additional information:

Consumer Rights Complaint Process
The Consumer Rights Complaint Process is a mechanism to be used when an individual consumer, or any representative acting on behalf of a consumer, believes that any right has been wrongly or unfairly denied by a regional center, developmental center, or a service provider.

Fair Hearings
The Fair Hearing process is for resolving disputes with a regional or developmental center about eligibility or the nature, scope, or amount of services and supports.

Title 17 Complaint Procedure

The Title 17 Complaint Procedure is to be used when: (1) one of the "personal rights" of an individual who resides in a developmental center, community care or health care facility, has been formally denied by the facility as allowed in Title 17 of California Code of Regulation Section 50530; and (2) the consumer disagrees with the facility's decision.

Family Home Agency Appeals
The Family Home Agency (FHA) appeal process can be used by a FHA applicant or vendor to appeal actions taken by a regional center concerning the FHA's vendorization, Certificate of Approval and movement of a consumer.

Residential Facility Appeals
A vendored community care facility may appeal the actions taken by a regional center regarding service level disapproval, sanctions, findings of substantial inadequacy or immediate danger, or enforcement of any requirement by the regional center which is not contained in Title 17, California Code of Regulations.

Citizen Comments and Complaints Form (DS 2007)
If your problem or complaint does not fit one of the above formal processes, DDS has created a form which you may use to submit these complaints or comments to DDS. You may also use the form to acknowledge any individual, regional center, developmental center, or service provider for noteworthy service or conduct. The form is in the Adobe Acrobat format which should be printed and submitted by mail.

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