Elder Care

There are often many signs that may indicate a loved one’s need for elder care. Increased forgetfulness, difficulty with household chores, and dangerous driving habits may lead family members to consider elder care assistance. ComForcare home care services can help provide needed elder care assistance for seniors in the Minnetonka area of Minnesota. Caregivers are also well trained to provide assistance with condition management.

Activities of Daily Living

Home caregivers can help seniors in the Minnetonka area with daily grooming and housework needs, as well as meal planning and preparation. For seniors that are on a restricted diet, caregivers will work with doctor’s recommendations to prepare meals that are healthy while taking into consideration the tastes of the client. Eating healthfully may help to combat the damaging effects of malnutrition and obesity that are often linked to poor health in seniors. Diet can also be specifically geared towards aiding in condition management.

Elder Condition Management

Seniors that are diagnosed with chronic conditions such as Parkinson’s disease, diabetes, and dementia may not understand the condition or how best to manage the painful and frustrating side effects. ComForcare caregivers receive extensive training regarding common conditions and how best to provide elder care for those that have been diagnosed. Caregivers can provide seniors and their family members with information about the conditions and can help answer questions about care.

Routines for Elderly

Focusing daily routines on effectively managing chronic conditions can help improve the quality of life for seniors. Integrating daily exercise can help seniors to feel better and can improve mobility, especially for seniors suffering from a condition that limits mobility. Games and activities that challenge the mind can keep cognitive functions sharp in all clients and can have particular benefits for seniors dealing with cognitive decline or disorders. ComForcare caregivers can work with clients and their loved ones to devise personalized daily routines that promote the highest level of condition management for comfort and happiness. 

Transportation & Socialization

Seniors that live alone and are unable to drive may begin to feel isolated and lonely, especially in the extreme winters that are often experienced in Minnesota. These feelings have shown to be detrimental to emotional and physical well being. Caregivers can provide Minnetonka seniors with companionship and transportation assistance that can help to mitigate these feelings. Caregivers can bring clients to local activities that facilitate socialization and networking or can play games and participate in fun activities inside of the home.

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