Senior Personal Care in Fairfax, VA

As we age, we can all use a hand with certain tasks and personal needs. Relying on family and friends for assistance can be emotionally taxing and frustrating. ComForcare can help make daily life easier for seniors in the Fairfax City, Centerville, Jefferson, Lake Barcroft, and surrounding areas of Virginia by providing professional assistance with a variety of senior personal care needs.

Compassionate Senior Care

ComForcare specializes in providing compassionate and competent senior personal care. All of our caregivers undergo extensive evaluations and background checks to ensure that only the most kindhearted and knowledgeable caregivers are hired. When elders begin receiving senior personal care assistance from us, we use a client-centered approach to create each in-home care schedule. Our staff and caregivers really listen to clients and strive to provide the highest quality care. 

Alzheimer’s Care

Millions of Americans are living with Alzheimer’s disease in the United States today. As the senior population continues to grow, Alzheimer’s disease is becoming even more prevalent. Receiving senior personal care at home has shown to be superior to receiving care outside of the home for many that are afflicted with Alzheimer’s. Seniors are able to stay in their familiar home surroundings instead of having to adjust to new surroundings, routines, and faces. ComForcare also seeks to improve the Alzheimer’s care that is offered to Fairfax City, Centerville, Lake Barcroft, Jefferson, and surrounding Fairfax area seniors by actively participating in Alzheimer’s research and integrating new techniques into daily senior personal care routines.

Senior Hygiene

Having trouble keeping up with hygiene needs can be embarrassing, and many seniors are ashamed to ask family members and friends for assistance. Our caregivers are trained to help with hygienic needs discreetly and professionally, so seniors can rest easy knowing that they are in good hands. Caregivers will create schedules and plans to make sure that clients are always kept clean and comfortable. Being well groomed can make a world of difference to self esteem and confidence. Seniors may be more willing to go out and participate in social functions and other activities that promote positive emotional experiences, helping us meet our goals of promoting the highest levels of health and happiness for all clients. 

Hospice Services

When hospice services are needed, few people know that these services can be provided in the comfort of home. At ComForcare, we understand that having hospice services set up in the home can ease the pressure on seniors and their family. We will take care of all of the phone calls and arrangements to help ease the stress at this sensitive time. We will also help with all of the senior personal care needs, so that family and friends are able to treasure the time spent with their loved one.

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