Dementia Care Program

Denny and Sally Fox (Flint, Michigan) were excited to learn and implement ComForCare's Dementia Care Training Program as most of their clients have dementia. Sally and Denny have found the program "empowering" for everyone on staff - from administrators to caregivers. "Once caregivers are trained, they recognize that their innate skills for working with those with dementia are effective," Sally said, "They know they are doing the right things to help their clients and their shifts are easier.

Both clients and caregivers are having 'better days' with the dementia care program." "The whole program works," she explained. "And even using just the first tools, 'check yourself' and 'make a warm connection' has such a positive impact."

One of their clients with dementia had always resisted care services. Recently, when his caregiver arrived and found him watching football on TV, she made sure she was aware of the environment, and tried to make a connection with him by noting the score of the game and commenting on it to the client. Making the connection worked - instead of telling her to leave, he invited her to pull up a chair and watch the game.

Using the ComForCare's Dementia Care Program (DCP) training and education, Denny and Sally's caregivers have been able to get a 93-year old client, who once refused to bathe and brush her teeth, to start drawing again. (See photo)​Using DCP tools, caregiver Tonya encourages a client to use her artistic talents again

The program is making a difference in the lives of clients and their families. "To see a loved one return to an activity he or she once loved means so much to the family," said Sally. "Our caregivers have what it takes to inspire clients to do more."

After DCP training, a caregiver who works with a client just a few hours a week trusted her instincts that the client was showing some signs that could indicate dementia. She used the DCP Dementia Red Flags Checklist to record her observations and turned it in to the Denny and Sally, who shared the information with the client's family. "The caregiver's observations confirmed the family's concerns and they appreciated that she was able to recognize the warning signs," said Sally.

"The DCP is an outstanding program," she said. "It's easy to teach and understand." 

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