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In-Home Senior Care Services in Delray Beach, Boynton Beach, & Boca Raton, FL

As we age, we face new challenges and obstacles on a daily basis. While some may be hesitant to seek home care, we believe that this is a natural element of growing older and encourage seniors and their loved ones to ask for help when it’s needed. 

At ComForCare, our caregivers are trained to understand the physical and cognitive changes that come with age. This experience allows us to provide personalized home care services to help maintain the highest level of health, independence and well-being for each client. With our home care services, seniors can age peacefully in the comfort of their own homes alongside their family, friends and other loved ones.

Elder Care

At ComForCare Delray Beach, we understand that each client is a unique individual with unique needs. It is for this reason we have built a network of home care services that are highly personalized to match each individual client’s needs. 

Our caregivers are qualified to offer industry leading home care services. That includes specialized dementia care, personal care and respite care. These services allow our clients to live their best lives possible and help our clients' families receive support with the primary responsibility of caregiving.

Finally, ComForCare Delray Beach has an enormous network of senior care providers at our fingertips. If our clients have needs that we cannot meet, we can make a referral to one of our senior wellness resources to ensure that you or your loved one is receiving top-quality elder care. ComForCare Delray Beach is dedicated to providing our clients with the best home care possible.

Superior Caregivers

At ComForCare Delray Beach, we take great pride in employing qualified and compassionate people to be our caregivers. When we hire new caregivers, we provide them with on-going training to ensure that our team is made up of top-notch caregivers who provide quality care. We seek individuals with a positive attitude, a kind heart and experience caring for the elderly. In addition, we thoroughly screen all our employees to ensure that you or your loved one is in safe and responsible hands. We only hire caregivers that we would be comfortable placing in our own family’s home.

We certainly do not let just anyone work as one of our elder care specialists. Our ultimate goal is to improve our clients’ quality of life, which is why we are constantly seeking employees who can contribute to that improvement. That means that our senior care providers may be nursing students, young professionals or from a background that can utilize his or her skills to help our clients live their fullest lives.

Our extensive screening and evaluation processes help us bring you caregivers of a caliber higher than other in-home care providers can match. In addition, we provide training to our senior care providers, ensuring that they are equipped to handle all our clients’ needs, including specialized dementia care.

Personal Care

Our compassionate and hard-working caregivers are well qualified to offer you or your loved one unparalleled personal care. Whether our caregivers are sitting and playing cards with the client, preparing meals, or assisting with daily grooming, our clients love knowing that they are not alone. The knowledge that they have someone to spend time with can often mean so much to them.

Some of the tasks our caregivers often provide are:
• Running errands
• Grocery shopping/meal preparation
• Medication reminders
• Light housekeeping like laundry or dusting
• Tracking appointments/transportation to and from appointments
• Bathing and dressing
• Continent care
• Transfers and ambulation

An additional benefit of our personal care services is that it gives the client's loved ones a break from caregiving. Our clients' families have expressed appreciation for the respite they receive when one of our caregivers helps support them. This respite allows the family members time to enjoy their loved one's company without having to worry about the day-to-day duties of senior care.

Care Coordination

At ComForCare Delray Beach, we specialize in coordinating our services with your other appointments, often providing transportation to and from these appointments when necessary. In addition, our caregivers help our clients keep track of their appointments with doctors, advisors and other health providers, as well as providing medication reminders. 

Your health is the most important thing to us, which is why our caregivers plan well-rounded social interactions and activities. We are social beings and social interaction is key to a happy life. Our senior care specialists can facilitate participation in senior activities, even driving you or your loved one to and from the activity. Our clients love being able to get out of the house and visit other people with the help of their caregivers.

Traditional Jewish Home Care

At ComForCare Delray Beach, we understand that some clients need caregivers who have an understanding of traditional Jewish culture, as well as any special needs or requests that may result. One of our office’s unique services is our special training on providing care to seniors in traditional Jewish homes. 

Our caregivers have received special training on the intricacies of observing and maintaining a kosher home from a Rabbi detailing kosher shopping, cooking and traditions training. Additionally, we have worked with Jewish Family Services for special caregiver training in caring for Holocaust survivors and their families.

Senior Wellness Resources

ComForCare Home Care in Delray Beach can provide our clients with referrals to a myriad services they may need; including, social services, Medicare agencies, elder law attorneys and more. In addition to these referrals, our experienced caregivers provide our clients with Senior Wellness Resources in their homes, such as diet and nutrition advice, fitness help, safe living tips, and more. 

In the event that our client's fitness or dietary needs need more expert advice, ComForCare can access our enormous network of nutritional and fitness professionals to make a referral that will best fit the client's needs. Our vast network of resources is just one of the many benefits of our highly personalized care. For more details about our resource network, click this link. 

Management Expertise

• National Guardianship Association Board Member
• Past President of Florida State Guardianship Association
• Advisory Council of Area Agency on Aging
• Radio Host and Author of “OMG, I’m Getting Older and So is My Mom”
• Featured Author at Book Expo America
• National Certified Alzheimer's Educator
• DementiaWise™ Trainer

• DementiaWise™ Trainer
• Dementia Care Program Advisory Council
• Volunteers at senior communities with cognitive stimulation activities
• National Certified Alzheimer's Educator
• Knights of Columbus

• Treasurer of Palm Beach Guardianship Association
• Recognized by AFJCS as a Person who Makes a Difference
• Recipient of AFJCS New Leader Award
• National Certified Alzheimer's Educator
• DementiaWise™ Trainer

• Certified Group Fitness Instructor
• Parkinson's Disease Specialist
• Support Group Facilitator
• Consumer Healthcare Public Relations Leadership Program

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