Senior Home Care Services in Pasadena, CA

Senior home care services from ComForCare are now available to aging residents in the Pasadena, Burbank, LaCanada Flintridge and San Gabriel Valley areas of California. Home care can help independent seniors to stay independent and can help seniors that may need more intensive supervision and assistance to receive the care that they need to stay in their treasured homes. Home care services can also make it possible for aging couples to stay together in their homes and can allow loving pet owners to continue enjoying the company of pets. These comforts are usually not an option when transitioning to nursing home or assisted living facilities.

Home Care Assistance

Our caregivers meet with patients to determine the types of home care assistance that are needed. Patients that are healthy and active may require assistance with certain household tasks just a few times a week. We are sensitive to patients’ desires to remain as independent as possible while receiving necessary care, so we will work closely with patients and close family members when crafting home care plans.

24 Hour Care

If patients have suffered injuries or ailments, it may become necessary to seek 24 hour care. This type of care ensures that patients are never alone. There is always someone there to provide mobility assistance, medication reminders, and call for medical attention if needed. We often schedule three caregivers a day on eight hour shifts for 24 hour care, so that caregivers are always well rested when providing home care. 

Family Respite

Respite is necessary for anyone that is helping with senior home care needs, including family members. Family members are typically the first to put personal needs aside to help with the needs of family, but being overworked can be detrimental to all involved. Caregivers can provide family respite that allows family members the personal time they need to create a balanced schedule and catch up on rest. 

Transportation Services

The Pasadena, Burbank, La Canada, and Flintridge areas enjoys beautiful weather much of the time and many seniors delight in participating in outdoor events and activities. Our caregivers are happy to provide transportation to participate in these types of activities and many others. Caregivers can also provide transportation to medical appointments, stores, and friends’ homes. Having a home care professional assist with transportation needs can be a relief for seniors that no longer have the ability to drive. Having a companion present may also make excursions more enjoyable and promote a greater quality of life.

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