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Senior Personal Home Care in South Pasadena, CA

It can be a difficult time in a person’s life when senior personal care needs are no longer easy to complete. In the past, this often signified the time to start reviewing nursing home options. Moving into a nursing home can be difficult and downright traumatic for patients in some cases. Now seniors in the Pasadena, Burbank, La Crenscenta, and Flintridge areas of California have a desirable alternative in the form of in-home senior personal care services from ComForCare. 

Senior Home Care Schedule in Pasadena, CA

ComForCare staff is always available to talk to both new and existing patients to ensure the highest level of care. When a new patient is considering receiving assistance with senior personal care needs from ComForCare, we will meet with the patient and their family within the home to evaluate needs. Based on this interview, we will carefully select a caregiver that we feel will work well with the patient. This caregiver will meet with the patient and family to form a senior personal care schedule. There are many subsequent check-ups by the caregiver and ComForCare management, so patients and their family always have the opportunity to request changes to the senior personal care schedule and program. 

Senior Personal Hygiene

Elders that have suffered traumatic injuries or cognitive impairments may need assistance with personal hygiene needs. These needs may include shaving, bathing, tooth care, and moisturizing for dry skin. It may be awkward for family members to help with these very personal tasks. Caregivers are sensitive to the emotional aspect of assisting with senior personal hygiene, and will do so in a professional and comforting manner.

Incontinence Care

Patients that require incontinence care will be treated with the utmost respect for dignity and discretion. Incontinence care is an important part of keeping patients that have been immobilized healthy and comfortable, so caregivers are diligent about incontinence care schedules. Patients that are not immobilized, but require incontinence care may be more confident about participating in activities outside of the home once an effective incontinence care plan is in place.

Transition Assistance

Patients that have been under the supervision of medical professionals may need transition assistance to help prepare the home for medical equipment and eliminate fall risks. ComForCare personal care associates will also help patients acclimate to their surroundings once in the home. Senior personal care services needs will be assessed and attended to as part of transition assistance. Patients in the Pasadena, Burbank, La Crenscenta, and Flintridge areas are often happy with ComForCare transition assistance, and opt to continue receiving senior personal care well after daily routines have been resumed. 

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