Home Care Services

Home care services can help seniors that have begun having trouble keeping up with daily tasks. While family members often try to assist with these tasks, it can be difficult to manage senior care needs while working and maintaining a personal life. ComForcare’s professional caregivers in the Torrance and Redondo Beach area of California can provide welcome family respite while administering expert home care.

Personalized Home Care Services

We at ComForcare understand that every patient is different and has different needs and interests. Some patients remain independent, simply requiring a helping hand with household chores and errands. Other patients have more extensive needs due to medical conditions and advancing age. Our caregivers are highly trained to assess the patient’s individual situation and craft a personalized home care schedule that will meet all of the patient’s needs while catering to their desires for independence. 

Senior Companionship

Positive human interaction is so important to happiness and well being. Our compassionate home care experts go through a rigorous screening process and are carefully selected for their personalities and commitment to providing top-notch care. Our caregivers are happy to provide senior companionship services in the form of playing games with patients, reading books with them, or even taking them to restaurants and outings. These small gestures can greatly improve a patient’s quality of life and make all the difference to both emotional and physical health.  

Family Respite

When loved ones begin to age and need assistance, it is often the closest family members that step in to help. This is admirable, but the tasks can become overwhelming and can begin to put strain on the patient and the family. ComForcare caregivers are there to assist with patients needs, so that family members can get back to enjoying each other’s company without worrying about mundane daily tasks.

Alzheimer’s Care

ComForcare home care professionals in the Redondo Beach and Torrance area of California take pride in administering expert Alzheimer’s care. Caregivers are trained to be able to assess a patient’s home and individual condition to provide advice pertaining to mitigating risk factors. Caregivers can also craft and review a daily schedule of activities with patients and family members that may help to strengthen a patient’s cognitive skills and thwart further decline. Positive and interactive experiences have shown to have some effectiveness in minimizing destructive Alzheimer’s behaviors and promoting “good days.” We believe that these programs can have a tremendous affirmative impact on a patient’s quality of life. 

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