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Home Care Services in Edison Park, IL

ComForCare Senior Services gladly performs basic home care services for seniors who live in Illinois areas such as Edison Park, Melrose Park, Franklin Park, Harwood Heights, Chicago, Northlake, Schiller Park, River Grove, Norridge, Norwood Park and Oriole Park. We know that along with age come changes in physical and mental state. Seniors may find it tough to perform basic personal tasks, such as grooming and daily hygiene. For some, responsibilities of home care can be an added level of stress. Our team of experienced, insured, and screened caregivers can take the burden off of seniors and their family members. This way, you have more time to focus on personal health and well being.

Home Care Services in Edison Park, IL

It’s no secret that home care is tough work. For seniors who live at home, the physical demands of home care may simply be too much to handle. Family members may wish to help with these tasks, however, it's also often difficult to work the time into an already hectic schedule. It is okay to ask for help with these tasks. ComForCare can help with these routine, home care chores so that seniors and their families can rest assured that their homes are fresh, clean and safe from potential trip hazards. 

Getting around can be hard for seniors who live alone. Conditions such as arthritis and poor vision can hinder the ability to drive. Family members who want to help often find that it’s too time-consuming to comfortably fit senior transportation needs into their busy schedules. We offer relief for seniors and their families by providing transportation so seniors can attend appointments, such as meeting with doctors. We can help with other errands that involve senior transportation in Illinois areas such as Norwood Park, Norridge, Oriole Park, Franklin Park, River Grove, Chicago, Melrose Park, Harwood Heights, Schiller Park and Edison Park.  

Alzheimer’s Disease

Alzheimer's disease can cause a number of physical and mental disabilities for seniors. Housekeeping and housework become especially difficult for these individuals. People with Alzheimer's who live alone often assistance with personal care and housework to ensure that these daily tasks are handled in a safe and effective manner. We can also implement certain games and activities to help with Alzheimer's issues, such memory and cognition.

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