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Hospice In-Home Services

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Many people choose to be home when it’s time for hospice care. Facing the end of life is often easier in familiar surroundings, close to friends and family. Being with loved ones and spending time with pets helps give your loved one a sense of contentment and peace.

Continuous Care

When you have someone you love receiving hospice care in the home, the time demands on you are likely overwhelming.  You or your hospice provider may not be able to be with your loved one around the clock.  Another caregiver on the rotation to support the care plan ensures you have a few moments to take care of other responsibilities while your loved one is never alone.  

We understand the needs of those who are nearing the end of life, as well as that of the family. ComForCare caregivers provide a much needed source of support and understanding.

Our caregivers can provide these and many other services during in home hospice: 

  • Companionship and interaction
  • Meal preparation for the family members
  • Laundry services for the family members
  • Updates to the family or hospice care team 
  • Another caring person to add to your rotation


Emotional Support and Companionship

ComForCare caregivers can stay by your loved one’s side 24 hours a day to help provide emotional support and companionship. It's not only the hospice patient that needs support at this time, but the family.  Our caregivers understand the challenges a family faces at this time, both the mundane - laundry, work, dinner, and the emotional - fear, worry, anxiety.  

Our caregivers can act as a shoulder for your family as well as a support for your loved one. Caregivers can also help you work through end of life details that are confusing, time-consuming and fraught with emotion.  

Family Respite

Having ComForCare caregivers assist your loved one with home and personal care needs during hospice can allow you to get the rest and refreshment that you need to be strong for your loved one. Being able to tend to personal needs and have the needs of your loved one taken care of by professionals can help to ease the stress. Being less stressed can help make the times that you spend with your loved one more enjoyable and memorable.

If you have a family member facing the end of life, we can work with your hospice provider. Call your local office to speak to an intake professional and schedule a meeting.



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