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Nurse Oversight Home Care

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ComForCare begins every client relationship with a comprehensive in-home evaluation by a nurse. Based on the results of the evaluation and the verbally communicated needs of the client, a customized care plan is developed.

Our on-call nurse will visit your home to gather all pertinent medical and personal information, create a customized care plan based on this information, and perform a fall risk evaluation.

Chronic Condition Management

After the initial evaluation, our nurse will educate you, your loved one, and any other caregivers on managing chronic conditions. During the meeting, our nurse will review the proposed schedule of service and answer any further questions that you or your loved one may have.

Throughout the case, the nurse oversees the caregiver and performs reevaluations, as needed. The nurse provides assigned caregivers and your family with guidance about how to best manage your loved ones’ condition on a daily basis, making recommendations about diet, exercise, and any other relevant daily needs.

ComForCare Care Plan

The ComForCare Care Plan addresses the physical and social needs of every client, taking into account family members who are acting as caregivers as well. Every client’s situation is different, with some clients requiring more care and others requiring more independence. Our individualized approach allows us to deliver a care plan that best meets the needs of you and your care recipient.

Helps Clients’ Remain in Homes

Nurse oversight home care can help clients with mild to moderate medical conditions remain in the comfort of home longer. Caregivers are given the tools and information needed to help manage conditions so that clients remain healthier longer and avoid hospital admissions or entry into institution-style care settings.

If your loved one begins to require more comprehensive care, his or her caregiver can request a reevaluation by the on call nurse. Based on the reevaluation, the nurse can then make recommendations to your family regarding your loved ones’ care.

Helps Identify Risks and Needs

Nurse oversight home care not only helps clients with established medical conditions, it helps clients that do not have medical issues avoid injuries and future issues. Nurses may spot fall hazards in the home, issues that may generate respiratory or mobility issues, and other potential risks. This can help your loved one, your family, and professional caregivers to make changes before these risks turn into real problems.

Feel free to call our Intake Specialist to schedule an in-home nurse evaluation.

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