Home Care Services

ComForCare Home Care provides home care services for clients who live in Chicago, including but not limited to the neighborhoods of Lincoln Park, Old Town, The Gold Coast, Streeterville, Lake View, North Center and Hyde Park. Seniors – especially those who live alone – often experience difficulty with the demands of maintaining a home. Our screened, insured, and rigorously-trained caregivers are all Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs) and can give peace of mind to seniors and their families. Help with home care means less stress and worrying, which means more time to focus on health and wellbeing.
As time passes, many older adults experience physical, mental and emotional changes that threaten their independence. These changes result in issues such as decreased coordination, energy, and strength. A decline in physical abilities makes it difficult to meet the demands of housekeeping and housework. That’s where we come in. Our caregivers are here to provide home care to assist seniors and their family caregivers of much of the responsibilities of caring for a home.

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ComForCare provides assistance with household chores, such as:
•Doing the laundry
•Ironing clothes
•Making the bed
•Taking out the trash
•Washing the dishes
•Vacuuming and dusting
•Changing the linens

Dementia Care

The effects of dementia can bring additional stress to seniors and their families. Many dementia patients have difficulty maintaining personal care, let alone home care. Family members will often attempt to care for their loved ones. While it is a method of ensuring quality care, it can easily become overwhelming. This is especially true for family caregivers who have their own busy schedules, which often include careers and families of their own. Our caregivers receive special training for dementia care patients. We tend to the physical and mental needs of these seniors, as well as their home care needs.

Transportation Services

Another common effect of aging, decreasing vision and arthritis, can make driving dangerous. Often, family members and other loved ones will help with these errands and appointments. However, they can become time-consuming. ComForCare’s caregivers can escort your loved one to many of the necessary outings, such as doctor's visits, physical therapy, or just to visit a friend or loved one. We also perform errands in your stead, such as grocery shopping.

Senior Companionship Services

A lack of meaningful social interaction can foster feelings of depression and alienation. We believe that personal relationships and engaging conversation are just as important as personal and home care. When housework and personal care tasks are finished, our caregivers are there to keep patients company. We value trust and companionship, and ensure that our patients receive the same.

Personal Care Plan

We staff certified nursing assistants (CNAs) to provide the highest standard of care to your loved one.   Learn more about a personal care plan to address your loved one's unique situation.  Call us 773-313-3894 to get more information about what services a ComForCare certified caregiver can provide.
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