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Home Care Services in Richland, MI

Seniors in the Richland, Battle Creek, Marshall, and Hastings area of Michigan can now receive expert in-home care from ComForCare. Patients that have never received home care services may be unsure how to get the process started. Our staff is available 24 hours a day to answer questions and provide service for both new and existing patients. We will be sure to go over the process in detail with patients and any close family members that may be currently helping with home care needs.

Home Care Plans

Before we begin home care, we will meet with the patient to assess needs. A qualified nurse will visit the home to evaluate the patient and provide advice for a home care plan. ComForCare staff will utilize this assessment and key elements of the patient’s personality to carefully match a caregiver whose personality will fit best with the patient’s. The caregiver will meet with the patient and any close family members to develop a home care plan that meets the patient’s needs and preferences. 

Transportation for Seniors

Running errands and just getting out of the house for a few hours can be a welcome relief from being home alone, especially during the long, harsh winters in Marshall, Battle Creek, Hastings, and Richland. However, seniors may not have the ability to drive, or may encounter fall risks. Transportation for seniors is one of the services that caregivers are happy to provide. Having a home care professional as a companion can make outings much safer and more enjoyable for patients.

Family Respite

Family members are typically the first to provide help when patients become physically impaired and begin to have trouble with daily tasks. Caring for an elder family member can be rewarding, but can also become stressful. ComForCare is happy to offer family respite so that patient’s family members can go to work, enjoy a weekend, or even take a well-deserved vacation. This family respite can be a welcome relief for family caregivers and can strengthen family ties as everyone receives adequate rest and relaxation.

Alzheimer’s Support

Alzheimer’s disease affects approximately one in eight seniors in America. ComForCare has taken a proactive approach to Alzheimer’s support in order to help meet our goals of improving the quality of life for all of our patients. Our caregivers are highly trained to recognize and curtail safety risks for Alzheimer’s patients in the home. Our Alzheimer’s support programs may also include brain exercises to help strengthen memory function and activities that promote laughter. Laughter has been linked to increased memory and brain function. Laughter also lets us know that patients are creating positive memories that are so important to all aspects of health and happiness. 

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