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Senior Personal Care in Battle Creek, MI

Top of the line senior personal care is now available to seniors in the Battle Creek, Portage, Kalamazoo, and Mattawan area of Michigan through ComForCare. Receiving in-home senior personal care can help elders stay in the homes that they have worked hard for, instead of having to transition to life in a nursing home. It is easy to set up personal care services with us, our staff is available 100 percent of the time to answer questions and walk new patients through the process that is used to establish a senior personal care plan.

Senior Personal Care

We at ComForCare understand that each patient is an individual with specific needs, goals, and preferences. Whether patients simply need some help with housekeeping or have conditions that make round-the-clock care necessary, our caregivers are prepared and motivated to provide the senior personal care support needed to advance health and happiness. Our friendly staff will visit the patient’s home and meet with the patient and any concerned family members to devise a senior personal care plan that is right for everyone involved.

Transition of Care

Following release from a medical facility, many patients need help transitioning back into their home. This is an ideal time to set up personal care services with ComForCare. Caregivers are highly skilled at organizing patient’s living spaces to accommodate medical equipment and to lessen fall risks and other dangers. Caregivers will also help the patient ease back into the routines of daily life while assisting with housekeeping and other tasks that may have taken on a new level of difficulty for patients. 

Dementia Care Services

Senior personal care for dementia patients differs slightly from the needs of other patients. Patients with dementia may need more supervision, perhaps even live-in care. ComForCare staff members in the Battle Creek, Mattawan, Kalamazoo, and Portage area are skilled at meeting the needs of patients in all stages of dementia, and will strive to create a routine that is comfortable and conducive to good health. Studies show that dementia patients often benefit from adhering to a regular schedule that is centered around positive emotional experiences. Our staff will work to create a balanced, regular schedule for dementia patients.

Hospice Services

When patients are approaching the end of life, being moved to a hospice care center can be discomfiting. Being in the comfort of home at this sensitive time can be a relief for patients, and can help to ease stress. ComForCare personal care associates can help patients and their family by providing in-home hospice services. Caregivers can assist with the patient’s senior personal care needs and can make notification calls so that family members are able to spend more time with their loved ones.

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