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Home Care Services

Home Care Services in Lancaster, PA

Seniors in the Lancaster and surrounding areas of Pennsylvania are living longer, healthier lives. Many seniors wish to remain active and independent for as long as possible but may need some extra help with daily home care tasks. ComForcare home care services offer seniors an opportunity to continue living their lives free from the constraints of traditional care facilities, while still receiving help around the house. 


Cleaning tasks such as laundry and mopping may become difficult for people that are advancing in age. These housekeeping tasks may seem trivial, but when they are difficult to do it can really add stress on a patient, and leaving the chores undone can begin to affect health and well-being. ComForcare caregivers will help seniors stay ahead of their housekeeping tasks, which can provide peace of mind as well as a cleaner, healthier environment.
ComForcare caregivers are happy to provide assistance with housekeeping tasks such as:
•Changing bed linens
•Laundering clothing, curtains, and sheets
•Dust removal 
•Dishes  and general kitchen cleanliness
•Bathroom cleanliness
•Meal preparation and planning
•Vacuuming and mopping
•Garbage removal

Transportation for Seniors

Seniors in the Millersville and Quarryville areas that are active but are no longer able to drive can depend on ComForcare  home care associates for transportation to the places that they want and need to go. Getting out of the house to go to a movie or on an outing can do a world of good for patients that are often home alone. Transportation for seniors can also help patients make it to doctor visits, the grocery store, and other appointments and tasks without worrying about catching a bus or paying for a taxi service.

Live-in Senior Care

Some patients may have health needs that require a home care associate to be available 24 hours a day. ComForcare offers live-in senior care for individuals that may require more than just a helping hand. The same quality home care services will be provided for these patients, but an associate will be available at all times. Live-in senior care often provides a higher quality of life for patients with conditions such as Alzheimer’s and more debilitating disabilities.  


Alzheimer’s patients may benefit substantially from receiving home care services. Alzheimer’s disease affects a patient’s ability to retain new information and learn new things, so moving to a nursing home can be confusing and traumatizing. ComForcare home care associates can help Alzheimer’s patients with all of their non-medical home care needs, and will provide additional services that specifically assist with Alzheimer’s. These services include games and tests that help patients to strengthen cognitive functions, and evaluations to make sure that the home is as safe and comfortable as possible for the patient.  
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