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Senior Personal Care

Senior Personal Care in Lancaster, PA

ComForcare is proud to offer quality in-home senior personal care to seniors living in Lancaster and surrounding areas of Pennsylvania. Senior personal care needs may become difficult for seniors and their family members to keep up with, our professional caregivers can help. Having a caregiver assist with in-home senior personal care needs can be just the extra help that patients need to continue living in their own homes instead of seeking the assistance of a senior care facility.

Senior Personal Care

Patients that are suffering from conditions may have difficulty attending to senior personal care needs such as grooming, cooking, dressing, and housework. Our personal care associates are compassionate and will assist patients with these types of tasks gently and with the utmost attention to the patient’s feelings. Patients and their family members can rest easy knowing that patients are receiving highly personalized one-on-one attention to all of their needs. 

Family Respite

Family members in the Lancaster, PA area want to make sure their loved ones are as comfortable and well taken care of as possible, but senior personal care needs may be beyond a loved one’s ability to keep up with. ComForcare caregivers can provide family respite no matter how extensive the patient’s needs are. The family respite that results when a ComForcare caregiver takes over for a while can be just the break that family members need to continue to help their loved ones enjoy a happy and fulfilled life.


It can be a highly traumatic time for patients and their family members when a patient begins to develop dementia. ComForcare Senior personal care professionals are highly trained to understand the physical dangers and the emotional effects of dementia, and to take steps to mitigate the risks and to lessen the emotional impact. Caregivers may give suggestions on room arrangements to lessen the risks of falls or wandering. Associates may also introduce steady routines and games that strengthen cognitive abilities to help patients fight cognitive decline while enjoying a predictable schedule that can help to ease patients’ stress.


Incontinence care may become a vital part of senior personal care needs as patients age. Our personal care associates understand that it is integral to a patient’s physical and emotional health to have an incontinence care plan in place to keep patients continuously comfortable. Caregivers will help minimize the embarrassment felt by patients when taking care of incontinence care needs by tending to the task with professionalism and courtesy.
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