Senior Home Care In Summerlin, NV

ComForCare offers senior home care services in Summerlin NV. We cover the full range of senior personal care services, from grooming to help with mobility. We understand that getting older comes with certain difficulties, and we’re here to help seniors and their families adjust to daily life. When senior personal care is taken care of by experienced and trained professionals, seniors and their families have more time to focus on what’s truly important – health, happiness, and well-being.

Senior Personal Care
There are certain physical and mental limitations that accompany the process of getting older. Some seniors may find themselves having difficulty performing everyday tasks, such as grooming and moving around the house. This can be especially difficult for seniors who live alone, as they often don’t receive the same opportunities for assistance as those who live with family members or in senior care facilities. ComForcare Senior Services aims to provide the assistance needed while allowing our clients to enjoy the comfort of their own homes.

Personal Care Plan
We work personally with each client to develop a customized personal care plan to suit all needs and wishes of the client, as well the client’s family members and other loved ones. The initial assessment is performed by a registered nurse (RN), who meets with each client to assess the condition of the patient and his or her living environment in Nevada areas like Summerlin, NV.Our RN then works with the client and the client’s family to develop a personalized senior personal care plan.

Senior personal care plans may include services such as, but not limited to:
• Bathing and grooming assistance
• Help getting dressed and styling hair
• Assistance with personal hygiene
• Help getting around the house
• Assistance with light exercise
• Meal planning and preparation

Respite Care
Seniors who live alone or with family members may often rely on loved ones for help with senior personal care. While family members wish to help as much as possible, it can become overwhelming to manage personal care for a loved one in addition to personal obligations like careers and a family of their own. ComForCare aims to provide family respite care to relieve the stress of being over-extended. When senior personal care is in the hands of professionals, clients and their families can rest assured knowing that seniors are being taken care of, so they can focus more on spending and enjoying their time together.

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