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"Ken - It's not often a man meets another man that they can feel comfortable around instantly, but I found this with you.  This is just a note to say THANX MUCH! for taking me to the doctor's Friday.  I found you to be a compassionate, caring individual that has passion driving you to assist those that need assistance and help those that need help.  I try to do what I can myself to follow this philosophy.  Thanx again."  --  Wayne H.

"I have notified my siblings, so they can have an idea of the benefits of having an agency like yours to be our eyes and ears when we aren't there.  It comforts me to know that you and our caregivers and my parents will be there to assess their needs."  --  Christine M.

"Thanks again for your dedicated service to Linda and Art.  it has lifted a frustrating burden off my shoulders since we live so far away.  Your caregiver has been super, and your concientious efforts to care for them has been a relief for me and my family."  --  Bev

"I want to thank you for your assistance with my father, David L.  Although we didn't end up using your service, I appreciated your prompt attention we received from you and your follow through.  Dad moved into Masonic Pathways and seems to be doing well."  --  Brenda P.

"Last week when Ellen was with my parents, my neighbor's son (a builder) was doing some work on the cottage.  He made a point to tell his mom how kind Ellen is to my parents ... his mom told me ... so now I am letting you know too."  --  Sue P.

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