Senior Personal Home Care Services in Orland Park, IL

We provide in-home senior personal care services for seniors who live in the Orland Park, Frankfort, and Tinley Park areas of Illinois. Our caregivers provide senior personal care services, such as assistance with daily personal and home maintenance tasks. ComForcare’s caregivers are specially trained, experienced, and compassionate. We place high value on the physical, mental, and emotional health of our patients.

Personal Care

ComForcare’s caregivers provide a range of senior personal care services to our patients. Each patient is assessed by a certified nursing assistant (CNA). Based on this assessment, a senior personal care plan is customized to suit the needs of the elderly individual. Senior personal care services range from grooming and hygiene to daily activities designed to strengthen social and cognitive abilities.

Dementia Care

Senior patients with dementia face unique daily challenges and obstacles. For this reason, these patients often benefit from in-depth personal care services. Our staff members are experts in dementia care. We work with patients and their loves ones to develop customized personal care plans to meet the unique needs that dementia presents to patients.

Dementia care services include, but are not limited to:
  • Meal preparation
  • Grooming and hygiene assistance
  • Transportation and errand assistance
  • Supervision of safety around the home
  • Opportunities for social interaction
  • Activities, games, and discussions that stimulate the mind
  • Planning and support in activities that promote independence

Certified Nursing Assistants

We take pride in the education, professionalism, and compassion of our caregivers. All caregivers servicing the Far South Suburbs such as Orland Park, Frankfort, and Tinley Park have earned accreditation as certified nursing assistants (CNAs). This means that our caregivers have undergone extensive training in senior personal care from a nursing perspective, and they have passed state nursing examinations. As a result, they are equipped to provide quality care tailored to maintaining and improving the health of each patient.

Senior Companionship

Seniors who live alone may not only struggle with physical health. Often, these patients lack meaningful social interaction from day to day. We’re aware that happiness and well-being not only involve physical care, but also mental and emotional care. Social relationships are an important means for maintaining verbal and social skills, as well as feelings of comfort and companionship. Our staff members are caregivers as well as friends to their patients.

ComForcare Quality Care Guarantee

At ComForcare, we place the highest value in the health and well-being of our patients in the Orland Park, Frankfort and Tinley Park areas. We pride ourselves in our ability to devise and implement customized personal care services. Our caregivers strive to perform their duties in a punctual and satisfactory manner. We’re so confident in our skill and abilities that we offer a Quality Care Guarantee to all customers.

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