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Senior Personal Care

Are you or your loved one reaching an age where it’s simply too hard to maintain daily living? Tasks that were once quick and easy like taking a shower and making the bed can suddenly become obstacles from day to day. At ComForCare Senior Services, we understand that this is simply part of getting older. Our licensed, insured, bonded, and expert caregivers are here to help seniors and their loved ones in the Hermitage and Madison areas of Tennessee.

Family Respite Care

We know that caring for your loved ones can bear a large physical and emotional burden. You want to be sure that he or she is receiving the best care possible, but you have your own busy schedule to maintain in the meantime. Studies show that without asking for help, family caregivers often endure emotional trauma like depression and anxiety. Don’t carry the weight of the world on your shoulders – call us today so that your loved one can receive the best care and that you can rest easy knowing they’re in safe hands.

Around-the-Clock Care

We know that each of our clients is different. Some will only need assistance with a few tasks here and there such as tidying up or help with transportation to important meetings and events. However, many of our clients require more hands-on attention. Our caregivers are here to provide around-the-clock care for seniors who simply need more help on a day-to-day basis. Our caregivers are available at all hours of the day and through the night for seniors who need the extra hand.

Dementia Care

Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia can cause serious issues for seniors, especially when it comes to maintaining daily care. Over time, dementia may severely impact a senior’s memory, communication skills, and critical thinking skills. Our caregivers undergo special training to ensure that our clients with dementia receive the care they need to nurture their current mental and physical abilities while working to battle the effects of dementia.

Incontinence Care

With age comes certain issues like incontinence and overall difficulty with controlling our bodies the way we used to. For many, incontinence is a point of embarrassment. But we understand that it’s simply part of life. Our caregivers in Madison and Hermitage work to handle any incontinence care needs while maintaining discretion, so that seniors can maintain the maximum sense of dignity and independence.

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