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Meet the Owner

Niral Patel, Owner

Niral Patel

New Jerseyite, Driven Business Owner, Available Senior Resource

“I wanted to help people.”

Availability Is Important

The main thing I want all of my clients and their families to know is that I am personally available to them. It is my goal to be as accessible as possible, so you don’t have to go through multiple layers to get an answer or solve a problem. Whether weekends or nights, I am going to do what needs to be done to keep you at ease, happy and safe. I also promise to be honest with all clients and their families: If I don’t feel we are the right fit, I will be up-front about that. I want to be here as an option when it’s appropriate and a resource if it’s not. I guarantee your comfort and that your desires are put first.

My Most Memorable Moment

Being there when our clients are most in need is what this business is about. We are here to provide peace of mind to clients and their family members alike. I had a situation that speaks to this perfectly. One night, I was out grocery shopping for one of our live-in caregivers. A voicemail popped up on my phone. It was a family member looking for services, calling about their parent who had fallen and needed help after they were discharged from the hospital. The family member got my number and the numbers for several other home care agencies, but I was the first to answer. I was the first one to get to them and discuss their options. We had them set up with care for three nights before any other agency called them back. That kind of dependability and flexibility is what our clients want, and we are proud to provide that for them.

Location Credentials

  • Accredited by the Accreditation Commission for Health Care

Niral’s Credentials

  • American University of Antigua Medical School graduate
  • Volunteer at Senior Source, a nonprofit program focused on the well-being of seniors, their families and service providers by focusing on education and socialization activities

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