Senior Personal Care

ComForCare is pleased to offer seniors in the Webster, Penfield, and Fairport areas of New York first class senior personal care assistance in the comfort of home. ComForCare caregivers help seniors with any daily tasks that have become challenging so that seniors are free to enjoy life to the fullest while retaining the independence that they are used to. We take pride in going above and beyond expectations to help seniors lead a life that is highly fulfilling.

Senior Hygiene

Seniors that suffer from conditions that impair motor skills or cognitive functions may struggle with daily hygiene. Being unable to take care of these senior personal care needs can be embarrassing and asking family members to assist can be stressful. ComForCare caregivers understand the emotional difficulties that accompany a need for assistance with senior hygiene and will be courteous and professional when assisting with these needs. Caregivers can help to reduce the occurrence of embarrassing accidents while making sure that seniors are as clean and comfortable as possible at all times.  

Dementia Care

ComForCare understands that more seniors today are suffering from dementia than ever before, so we are putting increased resources into making sure that caregivers are able to provide the best dementia care available. Caregivers are highly trained to supervise and provide senior personal care for elders that suffer from dementia symptoms, taking care to make sure that seniors are safe from dementia hazards in the home. Caregivers also work with seniors to determine the best way to exercise cognitive abilities in order to help delay and reduce dementia symptoms as much as possible.

Companionship and Socialization

Socialization and companionship are very important to maintaining health and well being. After taking care of routine senior personal care tasks, caregivers are happy to assist and accompany seniors to one of the many social events or attractions in the Fairport, Penfield, and Webster area if medical conditions allow. Caregivers can also help seniors to visit friends or participate in leisurely activities. For seniors that have trouble leaving the home, caregivers are happy to play games, read, or just sit and talk to provide companionship.

Hospice Services

When therapeutic treatment is no longer helping to improve a senior’s condition, clients and their families may wish to begin hospice care. ComForCare can help to set up hospice services in the home so that seniors do not have to be moved to unfamiliar surroundings or spend time away from beloved pets and family members. Caregivers will continue to provide senior personal care throughout this time so that family members are free to spend quality time with their loved one.

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