Senior Personal Care

Enjoying the retirement years in a beautiful place is a dream that many work towards their entire lives. At ComForcare, we help people in the Westminster, Cypress, Garden Grove, and Midway City areas of California to fulfill those dreams by providing assistance with many personal care needs so that they are able to go on enjoying an independent and satisfying lifestyle. Growing older does not have to mean giving up freedoms; we deliver senior personal care service right to our clients’ doors so that they can go on living in their treasured homes and doing the things that they love.

Family Respite 

When clients begin to need help around the house, it is usually loving family members that provide aid. This may start out as a comfortable arrangement, but often develops into a difficult situation as seniors begin to require more assistance and loved ones struggle to fulfill career and familial obligations. We provide family respite that can help family caregivers create a more workable routine. Whether senior personal care services are needed around-the-clock or only when family caregivers are at work, our caregivers are glad to provide family respite for those that work so hard.

Transition of Care

A hospital stay often leaves seniors weak, tired, and in need of assistance. Our caregivers will not only provide assistance with senior personal care needs when clients get home, they will also help to set up the home in the most functional manner. ComForcare caregivers in the Cypress, Westminster, Midway City, and Garden Grove areas receive extensive training on assisting with the transition of care and providing for needs afterward. Caregivers will organize homes based on the abilities of the client and minimize fall risks, reduce the need to climb stairs, make room for medical equipment, and any other needed changes. 

Senior Condition Management

Caregivers will help with condition management by implementing medication reminders and systems, providing transportation to therapy sessions and appointments, and helping with recommended practices at home. Having a caring companion that is focused on helping clients improve their health can be motivational as well as comforting. Clients can rest assured that someone is on their side.

Alzheimer’s Care

Clients that suffer from Alzheimer’s disease may benefit greatly from receiving in-home senior personal care assistance. The comfort of familiar surroundings and a regular routine has shown to be very helpful in mitigating Alzheimer’s behaviors such as wandering. Caregivers will help set up the home to reduce dangers for clients. Caregivers will also focus on providing meaningful, positive experiences that can help clients have more “good days” and enjoy a higher quality of life.  

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