Dementia and Alzheimer’s Care

Dementia—including Alzheimer’s disease and other types—can affect many aspects of someone’s life, but it doesn’t have to be an overwhelming challenge.  Our high-quality companions and unique strategies prevent and manage difficult dementia behavior, increase clients' quality of life, and extend the amount of time clients with dementia can enjoy living at home safely. The result is more pleasant, positive and enjoyable days for our clients and their families.

Our trained caregivers will always work to:

  • Engage in meaningful activities 
  • Support and stimulate remaining abilities
  • Assist with cognitive and emotional needs
  • Implement proven practices for dementia care
  • Follow strategies to decrease challenging dementia behavior

Based on the best principles from research and clinical practice, we can offer services that are tailored to the interests and needs of each client, including: 

  • Social interaction: Having unique companions that come from rich and diverse backgrounds enables a level of social interaction and connection that is often lacking with other home care services.  This is particularly important in clients who have only Mild Cognitive Impairment or are in the early stages of dementia.   
  • Music programs: Music is one of the most powerful ways to reach individuals affected by dementia.  We create personalized playlists for each senior based on their musical interests. Our caregivers are trained to engage our clients naturally in music sessions, and we can also provide musical therapists to come to the home.
  • Cognitive training: Research has shown that certain types of training and stimulation can improve specific domains of cognitive function.  We offer free access to computer-based training tools, which can be administered with the help of our companions.  
  • Activities: It’s important for seniors with Alzheimer’s to participate in a wide variety of activities, especially activities related to their personal interests. We engage them in personal interests including reading, sewing, baking and crafts. Other outside activities include museums, theaters, shopping and senior centers. 

These are just a few of the things that we include in our care program for seniors with Alzheimer’s disease or other forms of dementia. Our goal is to help them retain as much independence as possible for as long as possible while helping to improve overall well-being. 

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