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Home Care Services in Oklahoma City

Home care assistance can dramatically improve the lives of seniors and individuals with disabilities that make daily tasks difficult. Home care helps individuals to remain in the comfort of home while much needed assistance is provided, rather than having to move into assisted living facilities or institutions. 

ComForCare is happy to offer seniors in Moore, Oklahoma home care services that are the best of the best.

Transportation Assistance

Catching a bus or depending on family members to provide transportation can be inconvenient and can make seniors feel that some degree of independence has been lost. ComForCare caregivers can help seniors in the Moore area with transportation needs in order to run errands, make it to doctor’s appointments, go to social activities, or just get out of the house for a while. 

Having greater transportation flexibility, a companion to run errands with, and assistance getting to and from destinations can help seniors to avoid injuries and enjoy outings more.

Companionship Care

Emotional health and socialization are very important to overall health. Those that have disabilities or conditions that prevent them from getting out of the house often may feel lonely and isolated. ComForCare caregivers do not only provide home care assistance, they also provide companionship. 

Caregivers can play games, read to seniors, and even go on outings to the movies or sporting events with clients, depending on the capabilities and preferences of the client. This type of companionship can greatly improve the quality of life.

Home Chore Help

Home chores such as laundry, dishes, meal preparation, dusting, and vacuuming can become difficult for those that have disabilities or physical limitations. ComForCare caregivers can provide assistance with any specified home chores, helping to relieve the burden on clients and their family members. 

When caregivers help with home care needs, clients are free to focus on their health and well being and can put their energy into pursuing their passions.

Family Respite

Family members often step up to the plate to help individuals that have difficulties with home care tasks. However, it can quickly become stressful for family members to try to juggle work responsibilities and other obligations with the needs of a disabled family member. 

ComForCare can provide family respite for family caregivers that have been providing help, which can ease the stress and allow families to have a more balanced relationship that is based on spending quality time together.

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