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Culture Matters

We have carefully crafted a culture and built an amazing team of caring people to help you and your loved ones live your best life possible!

When we formed this company in 2013, we set out to gather a foundation of amazing people who truly reflect our values and beliefs when it comes to helping older adults age at home.

For us, culture matters. The culture we live and breathe is simple: Life for all of us human beings on planet earth is about relationships. The relationships we hold vertically with God and horizontally with our fellow human beings as we cross paths with one another on this earth.

At ComForCare West Linn, the most important people are our clients and caregivers. Life is nothing more than a web of relationships, and inside those relationships, we set out on the journey of what it means to practice the art of love, respect and protection for the most cherished relationships at ComForCare – our clients and our caregivers.

What does that mean for you? We ask our caregivers to reflect and practice the art of treating you and your family with an extraordinary amount of love, respect and protection. Whether you’ve been on this earth for 104 or 40 years, we ask our caregivers to make a difference by going the extra mile because you have gone the extra mile.

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