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"I chose ComForCare Senior Services because there were there when I needed them.  I like the people.  They are very nice.  I got along with them just fine.  All of them can drive, and they can take you places.  They all care for me very nicely.
Current Client

"They came for maybe a week and everything was satisfactory.  The people that were sent to me were very reliable.  They were really a big help around the house.  I was satisfied with them.
-Past client

"I like Mickey and the job he provides for me.  They were the first ones that came over and so I picked them.  The caregivers are very good at what they do and they help me a lot.  Everything is smooth with them.  I have no complaints.  Mickey has a very good company."
-Current Client

"I found ComForCare online. I really think they're good and I don't have any complaints about them. I've been using their service since June and I'm really happy with them. The caregivers are very caring and very pleasant. Mickey is really good in providing us good people."

 - Relative of a resident

"My brother and I went to the ComForCare office and one thing I like is that they provide live-in abiding care. It's one thing that other providers do not have. So we started their service for my mother initially. She had long since passed and we used them now for my sister who has Down Syndrome."
 - Current client family memeber

"The people that were sent to me were very reliable. They were really a big help around the house. I was satisfied with them."
 - Current Client

"Mickey called me on a Sunday and I wanted somebody right away so I went with them. One good thing is that he's local. So he came over the next day and asked us what we were interested in and what kind of care we wanted. So we told him and then he sent out the first caregiver. I wasn't real happy with her. She really didn't seem to want to do the work that we wanted her to do. I did not complain about her. Apparently she didn't want to work for us so she must have said something to Mickey. He sent out one more caregiver and she was perfect and so I'm very happy with her. She's a hard worker. She really cares about my mother in-law. She treats her like family. She takes her out to the park and they watch the kids play. She walks with her. They talk to each other and she would listen to my mother's stories. She doesn't have a problem doing any of the work that she needs to do in the house."
Current Client
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