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Senior Personal Care

 Senior Personal Care in Langhorne

Aging residents in Southampton, Yardley, and surrounding areas in Lower Bucks County, Pennsylvania may benefit from receiving senior personal care from a trained professional. Some aspects of personal care may be uncomfortable or difficult for family members to assist with. Allowing ComForCare’s expert caregivers to handle senior personal care needs can free families up to focus on the important things, like enjoying each other’s company.

Personal Care Services

We offer highly individualized senior personal care services that are determined alongside patients and their family to ensure the highest degree of happiness and comfort for all involved. Patient’s needs may vary greatly depending on medical conditions and other considerations. ComForCare personal care associates may help with housekeeping, grooming, medication reminders and many other personal care services depending on the needs of the patient.

Incontinence Care

Patients that develop incontinence are highly prone to infections and rashes if an incontinence care plan is not in place. ComForCare caregivers understand the importance of incontinence care to a patient’s health, but also to a patient’s self-esteem and comfort. Patients need not worry about incontinence care while in the capable hands of our empathetic caregivers.

Dementia Care

Dementia care can be very difficult for family members that do not have training or experience with the condition. ComForCare associates in Southampton, Yardley, and surrounding areas receive extensive training and certification in dementia care and understand best practices for mitigating risk factors and increasing the overall health and well being of dementia patients while taking care of senior personal care needs. Our caregivers also focus on creating positive emotional experiences for patients that will help to elevate patients’ moods and decrease behavioral difficulties, resulting in an improved quality of life for patients and their families.

Senior Companionship Services

Elderly patients that live alone may suffer from loneliness. While loneliness affects all individuals differently, it can often create stress and anxiety that may begin to affect patients’ physical health as well as their emotional well being. Caregivers will provide senior companionship services for patients to combat the effects of loneliness and the emotional turmoil that it may cause. Senior companionship services may offer patients a much-needed listener, a partner for games, someone to read to them if their eyesight is failing, and someone to just be there for them when they are feeling upset or emotional. Our caregivers understand that this may be the most important senior personal care service of all for some patients, and offer company that patients can count on.

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