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Senior Home Care in Montgomery County

Seniors in the Blue Bell, Lafayette Hill, and Elkins Park areas of Pennsylvania have the opportunity to seek quality senior personal care through ComForcare. We pride ourselves in providing top-notch senior personal care services to our clients. As a result, clients and their families can rest assured knowing that loved ones are receiving care that meets their needs and wishes.

Senior Care

ComForcare senior personal care professionals are highly trained individuals that delight in delivering the care that seniors need in order to stay as independent as possible. Caregivers will assist with senior personal care needs such as meal planning and preparation, housework, grooming needs, and transportation. Seniors can depend on our caregivers to be a caring companion as well as a helpful assistant.

Family Respite

When seniors fall ill or begin to have difficulty with daily tasks, it is typically family members that step in and provide the necessary assistance. While this is admirable, it may become difficult for family members to keep up with senior personal care needs in addition to working and taking care of their own needs. ComForcare associates provide family respite that can be a welcome relief for family members that have been trying to do it all.


Seniors that are suffering from dementia may benefit greatly from staying in the home setting that they are most comfortable with and retaining the independence to take care of tasks that are still within their capabilities. This sense of empowerment can help patients to feel less frustrated, which can reduce the occurrence of more difficult behavior. Our caregivers are highly trained in working with dementia patients and their family members to minimize hazards in the home and to set up the home in a way that is most conducive to dementia care. Caregivers will also facilitate programs and games that may help patients to retain and possibly restore memory functions and other cognitive abilities. Transition of Care.

It is following surgery or a hospital stay that many patients in the Blue Bell, Lafayette Hill, and Elkins Park area most often require assistance with senior personal care needs. ComForcare caregivers will help make the transition of care a smooth one, assisting with arranging the home in a way that is most effective and comfortable for any new equipment that may be brought in, as well as reducing fall hazards. Caregivers will also take on daily care tasks and help with any other necessary senior personal care needs starting the minute that the patient comes home.

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