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Meet the Owner

Michael Griffin, Owner

Michael Griffin

Father, Sports Fan, Avid Traveler

“We go above and beyond for our clients.”

History of Care

My experience with care began when I was still very young. When I was working my way through college, I worked for several years in the admitting office of a hospital in the Detroit area. This was an enormously formative experience for me, and it made me really appreciate the medical and caregiving environment. It was here I learned how to be calm under pressure and how to bring that calm to other people experiencing stressful situations.

My Path to Home Care

I worked in the financial sector for many years, even through the difficulties in 2008. After over 20 years in the industry, I began to feel it was time for a change. I had always really wanted to own my own business, so I began to think of what sort of business I would like to run. The more thought I gave it, the more I kept going back to the work I’d done in my early years at the hospital.

It was really this background in a care environment that caused me to gravitate toward home care. I wanted to do the sort of work that would provide me with a sense of satisfaction in knowing that I was providing a needed service. The positive impact that home care brings is really what drives me each and every day.

Office Credentials

Michael’s Background

  • Bachelor’s in economics from Wayne State University
  • Master’s in economics from Wayne State University
  • Master’s in business administration from University of Michigan
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