Personal Senior Home Care in Portage, IN

ComForcare is pleased to offer seniors in the Chesterton,
Michigan City, Portage, Porter, Kingsford Heights, and Westville area superior
assistance with senior personal home care needs. Senior personal care assistance can
help seniors “age in place,” instead of having to seek the services of a
nursing home. This is often preferred and can also be more cost effective for

Transition of Care

In many cases, seniors require assistance with personal care
needs following release from medical facilities. Family members may struggle to
understand the best way to arrange the home and care for their loved one
following a surgery or bout of illness. Our caregivers have professional
training for these situations and can provide family members with welcome
assistance both during and after the transition of care.

Personal Hygiene Assistance

Seniors that have difficulty taking care of personal hygiene
needs may suffer embarrassment when asking family members for help. Our senior
personal care associates are compassionate as well as practiced at assisting
with these types of needs. Whether clients need help with bathing, dressing, or
making sure that all necessary hygienic supplies are on hand, our caregivers
are there for support and aid.

Incontinence Care

Many seniors suffer from incontinence due to medical
conditions or injuries. Having an incontinence care plan in place is essential
for good health, and can make all the difference in a client’s attitude and
perspective. ComForcare caregivers know this, and are diligent about taking
care of these needs so that seniors are always clean and comfortable. Reducing
embarrassing accidents by having a schedule in place can allow seniors to
participate in more activities with less stress.

Dementia Care

As part of our dementia care programs, our caregivers
provide emotional support and attempt to increase the frequency of positive
experiences for clients. Senior personal care professionals will also assess
the home and make suggestions or changes as needed to improve the safety of the
home. If desired, caregivers can help to answer questions and educate close
family on dementia best practices that may minimize the incidence of troubling
behaviors and reduce hazards.

DementiaWise Certified

ComForcare in the Westville, Porter, Michigan City, Portage,
Chesterton, and Kingsford Heights area is DementiaWise certified. This means
that caregivers are exceptionally trained to provide dementia care and
implement programs that have shown to help improve the quality of life for
clients. In some cases, programs may even help to mitigate the progression of
symptoms. We are committed to providing clients with exceptional senior
personal care, so that seniors can focus on their health and happiness.  

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