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Senior Personal Care Colonial Heights, VA

Receiving assistance with senior personal care needs can improve the quality of life for many seniors. Research is showing more and more that receiving senior personal care assistance in the home has many benefits and is often preferable to seeking assistance outside of the home. For seniors in the Colonial Heights, Richmond and New Kent areas of Richmond, Virginia, ComForCare is available to provide exceptional in-home senior personal care help. 

Senior Personal Hygiene

Many seniors begin to have trouble taking care of personal hygiene needs as they age. These needs may become even more complicated because of chronic conditions or mobility limitations. ComForCare caregivers can provide help with bathing, grooming, incontinence care, and other senior personal hygiene needs. Caregivers understand the frustration and emotional impact that comes from not being able to care for these needs and will be sensitive and compassionate while providing care. Caregivers will also be sure to implement daily routines so that needs are taken care of on a schedule that clients can depend on.  

Chronic Condition Management

In the Colonial Heights, Richmond, and New Kent and areas, many seniors suffer from chronic upper respiratory conditions such as C.O.P.D. Other chronic conditions such as arthritis and cancer are also common in the area. ComForCare caregivers are specially trained to be able to assist seniors in living with these conditions. Caregivers can help to rearrange the home to make mobility and daily living tasks easier for those with arthritis or mobility limitations. Caregivers can also provide support and motivation as seniors undergo daily therapies and treatments.   

Senior Companionship Care

Providing companionship and an emotional connection is our associates’ favorite part about being a caregiver. Emotional support is also one of the most important things that our caregivers provide for our clients. Senior personal care associates take pride in being a friendly face, and will sit and talk with clients, play games, and accompany them on outings as abilities permit. ComForCare is always willing to take suggestions for new and fun activities that may delight our clients.

Superior Personal Care

Whether seniors need just a little help with home chores a few times a week or have more extensive needs like round-the-clock care, ComForCare can craft a specialized senior personal care plan that will meet most senior’s needs. We work closely with clients and any concerned family members to design an in-home care plan and schedule. When changes need to be made, clients can contact us at any time. We are available 24 hours a day, seven day a week.  

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