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Medication Care Services

Medication Care Services:

ComForCare provides the following non-injectable medication services to clients who are stable and predictable. Our RN develops, implements and supervises our medication services from written orders from a physician or legally authorized practitioner. Medication services are provided by caregivers that have successfully completed non-injectable training with a successful return demonstration including regularly supervised visits. 

Medication Assistance: 

Trained caregivers are able to help clients who are able to self-direct in the process of taking their medications.

 - Caregivers are able to open the medication container and assist with medications at the client directions

Medication Administration:

Trained caregivers deliver medications to our clients or directly supervising the client who is unable or not willing to self-direct, but may be physically able to perform the tasks.

 - Removing medications from the original containers and place them into a closed secondary container

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