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Senior Personal Care

Senior personal care services ComForCare Madison, WI
There comes a time in every senior’s life when they’ll need to reach out for assistance with personal care. This is a natural part of growing older, as it simply becomes more difficult to handle routine tasks like grooming, preparing meals, and cleaning the house. 

The team at ComForCare knows that this is a natural part of life, and is here to assist seniors to maintain their highest level of health while still being able to enjoy the comfort of their own Madison and Middleton homes.

Madison Senior Care

No matter the care needs for you or your loved one, our team of care professionals is here to deliver it on an individual basis based on one-on-one visits and evaluations. This way, each client receives just the level of care that he or she needs – no more and no less. We believe that the perfect amount of care helps seniors to receive the assistance they need to achieve the highest level of health, while still maintaining their independence and dignity.

Senior Companionship

It’s not uncommon for seniors to be living alone when the discussion for receiving care comes up among the family. In addition to the need for personal care, living alone presents certain other issues in terms of social interaction. In many cases, friends, family members, and other loved ones may not live close, or may have hectic schedules preventing consistent visits.

ComForCare’s team is more than just caregivers – they’re friends. They provide companionship: a shoulder to lean on and someone who wants to sit and have a meaningful conversation. In addition to daily care and medical care, social interaction is important for all of us to keep feelings of belonging while maintaining mental acuity.

Middleton Senior Transportation

Growing older also means that it will be more difficult to get around. Eventually, seniors will reach an age where driving is simply no longer an option. The ComForCare team is here to provide transportation around the Middleton and Madison areas of Wisconsin. Whether it’s a social event like a book club, a religious event, or important medical checkups at the doctor’s office, we can help to ensure that missed appointments and opportunities are a thing of the past.

If you or your loved one is in need of specialized, compassionate, and timely care, call us to discuss how we can help bring comfort and peace of mind to your family.

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