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Nursing homes can be a scary prospect for those that are aging, as well as their family members. It can be difficult to transition to an institutional setting, and can be traumatic for those that have conditions such as Alzheimer’s or dementia. Seniors in the Golden Valley, St. Louis Park and Hopkins area of Minnesota now have an alternative to nursing homes and can receive the care that they need right in the homes that they love. ComForCare caregivers will provide the senior personal care service that the company has come to be known for, and seniors do not have to suffer the worry involved with moving out of their beloved homes.

Personal Care Services

ComForCare senior personal care associates will work with patients and their family members to set up a schedule and determine a system for providing care in a way that provides the greatest benefit for all involved. We know that family members work and can only be around at certain times, and we will make sure that there is someone there to care for patients when they need a hand. For patients with more intensive needs, ComForCare also provides live-in senior personal care services.


Alzheimer’s disease can deteriorate patients’ cognitive abilities, but patients may have good days and bad days. Our friendly caregivers strive to help patients have more good days than bad days by giving patients fun exercises that help to keep mental skills sharp. Positive emotional experiences have also shown to help limit difficult behaviors that may stem from Alzheimer’s disease, so our caregivers seek to create these positive emotional experiences for patients.

Family Respite

ComForCare caregivers can provide family respite for family members that have been acting as the primary caregiver for senior patients in the Golden Valley, St. Louis Park and Hopkins and Minneapolis area. Family respite can provide a valuable break from senior personal care responsibilities that may begin to add stress to family members and patients. This respite is healthy and can help to keep strong bonds between family members.


Having an incontinence care plan in place can help patients to feel more comfortable in their own skin, and can ease some of the stress and humiliation that patients may feel as a result of accidents. Our caregivers understand these feelings, and will do their best to make sure that patients are cared for in a way that will allow to participate in more activities without the worry. Having someone that is dependable taking care of incontinence needs and other senior personal care needs can improve a patient’s quality of life.

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