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Kenner, LA Senior Personal Care Aid

Senior personal care assistance is just a phone call away for seniors in the Kenner and West Bank area of Louisiana. In many cases, when age and conditions begin to make daily errands more complicated, it is close family members that lend a hand. Senior personal care aid can help take some of the pressure off seniors and their close family members, leaving more time for positive experiences and interactions.

In-Home Assistance - Kenner, LA & Surrounding Areas

In the past, senior personal care was often sought outside of the home at nursing homes or assisted living facilities. Moving to a new place to receive care can be a confusing time and may make visits with family members more difficult and less frequent. The negative emotions associated with these changes can have a harmful effect on chronic conditions and can decrease the quality of life. In-home senior personal care assistance eliminates the need to move from the home, which is preferable and comforting for most seniors.

Chronic Condition Management

Kenner seniors with chronic conditions may require mobility assistance, medication reminders, and help with therapeutic management techniques and exercises. ComForCare caregivers are highly trained to administer these types of services while assisting with general senior personal care needs like bathing and housekeeping. Caregivers are compassionate and will also lend emotional support through the process of adjusting to living with a chronic condition.

Transition of Care Services

Senior personal care services are often most helpful after seniors have been released from a medical facility following surgery or other treatment. ComForCare can help to make the transition of care seamless as West Bank and Kenner clients return to the home. Caregivers will help to reduce fall hazards, make the home easier to navigate with mobility aids, move bedrooms to first floor spaces, or make room for medical equipment as needed. Once the client is in the home, caregivers will help with daily home care tasks and provide assistance with personal non-medical needs.  

Incontinence Care

Caregivers are devoted to keeping clients as healthy and happy as possible. For seniors that suffer from incontinence, caregivers will implement an incontinence care plan to ensure that these hygienic needs will not interfere with health and happiness. Having a regular schedule for incontinence care can help to mitigate the occurrence of accidents, which may help to improve client confidence. This may increase independence and allow more positive experiences. Clients may benefit in many ways from having a compassionate senior personal care assist with these personal needs.

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