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Meet the Owner

stan and alice chow, owners of comforcare in south bay

Alice Ng and Stan Chow

World Travelers, Parents, Committed to the Community

“It’s always been our mission to help people be safe and independent in their own homes.”

Alice’s Story

As an occupational therapist for over twenty years, it’s always been my calling to help others be as independent as they can be, in order to live life on their own terms. It’s always been very fulfilling work, but once the patient returned home, I couldn’t help but wonder and be concerned about what sort of care and support they were receiving after they left my care.

It was this concern and wondering that led me to open my own home care franchise. I wanted to continue to be a part of my clients’ care journey, even after they’d left occupational therapy. Making sure my clients live their best lives possible is deeply important to me, and the chance to provide that sort of care in the long term is deeply rewarding.

Stan’s Story

Around the time our children were “leaving the nest,” I began to do some soul searching. I’d worked for years in software development, and while it was good work, I found myself thinking often about the more service-oriented profession of my wife, Alice. Giving back to others has always been very important to both of us, and with our children grown and away at college, I realized it was the right time to make a change. 

I joined my wife in a profession that allows me to make a meaningful impact in the lives of others every single day. With our combined experience, both in the fields of providing high quality care and in managing a supportive and successful business, we are able to empower both our clients as well as their caregivers to live their best lives each and every day.

Our Home Care Pledge

It’s always been important to us that we use our time and energy to give back and do something meaningful for others. When our children were younger, this meant being involved in their schools and the organizations that held their interests, helping them to foster their passions and flourish on their own terms. Now that they’re grown, it seems only right that we should turn that same energy and enthusiasm to home care, where we help those who need it so that they too can flourish on their own terms.

Our home care pledge is that we will remain as committed to our clients and their families as we are to our own family. It’s important to us that each and every one of our clients, and their families, live their very best lives possible, and we’re so honored and blessed to be a part of that journey.

Bachelor’s degree in occupational therapy from San Jose State University

Occupational therapist for over 20 years

Alice’s Qualifications

Bachelor’s degree in occupational therapy from San Jose State University

Occupational therapist for over 20 years

Stan’s Qualifications

Bachelor’s degree and master’s degree in electrical engineering and computer science from UC Berkeley

Entrepreneur and software developer in electronic design automation for over 30 years


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