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Senior Personal Care

Senior Personal Care In Myrtle Beach, SC

Seeking the assistance of senior personal care professionals may benefit seniors in the Myrtle Beach and surrounding areas of South Carolina. When aging family members begin to require assistance with housework and other senior care needs, it is often loved ones that dedicate their time to helping with these needs. While family members may know their loved one best, providing for these needs may become overwhelming and at times may exceed their abilities. We at ComForCare are committed to helping seniors receive the care they need so that families can enjoy good times together, rather than struggling through difficult times.

Family Respite

Receiving assistance from professionals can allow family caregivers to catch up on rest or to reorganize daily routines in a way that is less stressful. Family respite can help families to form deeper bonds as the pressure is dispelled. We work closely with clients and their families so that help is provided, but the client and family dictate exactly how much and what type of help is needed so that seniors retain their sense of independence.

Senior Transportation

Icy winter roads and hazardous conditions can make travel dangerous for seniors. Our caregivers are able to make travel safer for seniors in the Myrtle Beach areas by providing mobility assistance as well as transportation. Caregivers can help minimize fall risks by providing a helping hand with canes or crutches, or by just walking with seniors to and from destinations. ComForCare senior care professionals can provide transportation to medical appointments, grocery stores, or even leisurely activities such as movies or sporting events.

Incontinence Care

For seniors that suffer from certain medical conditions or injuries, incontinence can be an unfortunate side effect. Our caregivers are trained to take care of incontinence needs efficiently and compassionately so that seniors feel more comfortable with this type of senior personal care assistance. Caregivers will formulate an incontinence care plan to reduce the incidence of embarrassing accidents and ensure that clients are always clean and cozy. This may help improve clients’ general sense of confidence and may make seniors feel more at ease when participating in activities outside of the home.

Hospice Services

Seniors and their family members often feel more comfortable when hospice services are held at the home that they have known and loved. This familiarity may provide a sense of peace, and have beloved pets and surroundings can offer reassurance for both seniors and their families. Our compassionate caregivers can help to further ease stress by providing assistance with senior home care needs and making necessary phone calls during this time. Having professional in-home assistance can allow family members to focus on enjoying one another’s company during this sensitive time.

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