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Home Care Services - North Tempe

Seniors in the West Valley, Litchfield Park, and Pebble Creek areas of Arizona may be excited to learn that ComForcare now offers quality home care services to those areas. Home care services can help patients to stay in the homes that they love and are familiar with while receiving extra assistance to help meet transportation, social, and housekeeping needs. ComForcare home care associates are individuals that have been screened, trained, and certified to ensure the highest standard of care for patients.

Home Care
Housekeeping assistance, grooming assistance, and companionship are some of the home care services that ComForcare caregivers focus on. It can be a relief for patients to have someone helping with housekeeping and grooming tasks. For patients with no close or available family and friends, having someone to keep company with can be reassuring. Having someone assist with home care tasks can also allow patients to focus more on their health and happiness.

Senior Transportation
Grocery shopping, outings, and visiting with friends may become difficult tasks for seniors that can no longer drive. Home care professionals can provide senior transportation so that these tasks are no longer stressful or expensive. Having senior transportation that simplifies these tasks can be tremendously empowering and can leave patients in the Pebble Creek, Litchfield Park, and West Valley area feeling more fulfilled.

ComForcare caregivers are trained to understand the needs of dementia patients, and must receive specialized certification in dementia care. ComForcare home care associates also care about patients, and will focus on providing patients that are suffering from dementia with meaningful one-on-one interaction that is often absent in nursing home settings. Home care professionals will also ensure that dementia patients are kept safe, and will take measures to prevent patients from wandering.

Alzheimer’s disease most often affects patients’ memory and communication skills, and may make it difficult for patients to remember to take medications and perform daily housekeeping and grooming tasks. Caregivers will be able to assist with these needs, while focusing on helping patients to retain and strengthen cognitive functions through individualized activities and programs. Patients in the Litchfield Park, Pebble Creek, and West Valley area may also be able to receive live-in home care if the disease has advanced to stages that make round-the-clock care necessary. Having compassionate caregivers that are trained to provide quality home care for Alzheimer’s patients can greatly improve a patient’s quality of life.

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