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As loved ones age, it often falls to the family to attend to senior personal care needs such as helping with daily tasks and assisting with medications. In the past, many families felt that after a certain point, a nursing home was the best option for patients that required more attention to senior personal care needs than their family members were able to provide. The decision to enter a family member into a nursing home can be heart wrenching for the family and traumatic for the patient. ComForcare offers seniors in the East Valley, Sun Lakes, Chandler, Tempe, and Ahwatukee area in-home senior personal care that will allow patients to stay in their beloved homes while receiving the attention that they need.

Senior Personal Care

Meal planning, housekeeping, assistance with transportation, and companionship are just some of the many senior personal care services that ComForcare caregivers provide. Patients can look forward to a friendly and professional personal care associate that will be there for them 24 hours a day, if necessary. Caregivers will work one-on-one with patients and their family members to devise a senior personal care program that caters to the specific non-medical needs of the patient.

Family Respite

Family members may become overwhelmed trying to juggle the responsibility of caring for an elderly relative while meeting the demands of their own personal lives. A caregiver that is trained to understand the most compassionate and effective ways to meet the senior personal care needs of patients can provide priceless respite for family members. In some cases, this family respite can help to forge stronger familial relationships as the stress is lifted from patients and their loved ones.


Patients that suffer from cognitive disorders such as dementia may require extra care. In addition to helping with standard senior personal care needs, caregivers in the Sun Lakes, East Valley, Tempe, Chandler, and Ahwatukee area are trained to assist patients and their families in exercising best practices for dementia care. Dementia care strategies may include evaluating the patient’s home to decrease fall and wandering dangers, creating a comforting daily routine for the patient, and developing systems to help the patient strengthen and maintain memory and other cognitive functions.

Incontinence Care

Developing incontinence can be embarrassing and uncomfortable for patients, and can cause health problems if there is not an incontinence care plan in place. ComForcare caregivers will devise an incontinence care plan that ensures that patients are kept clean and comfortable at all times. Caregivers are sensitive to the emotional effects of incontinence, and will administer senior personal care needs in a knowledgeable and professional manner. 

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