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Testimonials - Southern DuPage

"Joyce D, at this time signed with ComForCare Lisle, came to assist us with our mother on March 9, 2013. She accepted the assignment as six hours, five days per week, but after a single week, we needed her 12 hours a day, seven days a week. From April 1 to July 14, she care for our father, moving him through the initial months after the departure of his wife of 70 years. Joyce is an impeccable, expert, compassionate caregiver. A serious woman of her faith, she is cheerful at all times, helpful, focused/attentive, creative and communicative. Joyce worked very long hours for us, but never tired, never registered a complaint about any matter, was never late and never missed work for illness; instead she was energetic, balanced and prompt. I recommend caregiver Joyce D. without any reservation."
- Todd D.

"... I am moving my Aunt Dolores downstate so that she can be with more family. I am very pleased with the care you have provided my Aunt during this time and appreciate the professionalism your staff has shown while caring for her."
- Sharon G.

"I want to thank you so much for giving me the help I needed to take care of my mom. You personally are very caring and I really appreciated that. Continue helping others the same way you helped me and mom. Again, thank you so much."
- Eric

"I am pleased to write this letter of reference on behalf of your caregiver who provided invaluable services as a home health aide to my father over the last several months. As my father was at home on hospice care, I was determined to find quality people who would join our family of caregivers as we strove to give my father just what he wanted and so richly deserved: comfort, dignity, and the joy of being in his own home. Your caregiver joined our team and has continued to provide my father with incredible care throughout this time period.
Day after day during her twelve hour shifts, she dispensed the care, wisdom and compassion needed to take us through a very difficult time. She lent us her strength and became a trusted member of our family.
I would highly recommend her for employment as a home health care aide. She possesses all of the things you would want in a caregiver .... competence, kindness, and total commitment to her client's well-being.
Thank you for the opportunity to tell you about a wonderful caregiver and a truly beautiful person."
- Jan O.

"We don't know how you do it, but, once again, you sent us a gem with Rose.
Right from the start she fit in with our family. She knew exactly how to handle Peter and showed us the compassion, the tender caring and love that is needed when caring for sick people who are in a lot of pain.
Rose has been a god sent to us and treasure her deeply and wish we didn't have to let her go. She has really been a big help to us and we thank God everyday for her being with us.
Please see that she is placed with someone who will appreciate her wonderful efforts."
- Peter and Ginny L.

"Thanks for everything we could not have done it without you. My mom really enjoyed her caregiver's company. She always made each day a special day. She is a joyful person to be around. ComForcare made it so easy to accomplish long distance services for my other. I will always be grateful to you."
- Margaret G.

"Since I had spinal surgery, I have not had the use of my left side and have diminished use of my right side. I am not able to walk or go to the bathroom by myself. My husband tried to care for me, the rest of the family, the house and work. ComForcare Senior Services have been able to meet my needs with great understanding. My caregiver and ComForCare have been very flexible and understanding when she is needed past her scheduled time. She and ComForcare have been able to deal with these unexpected delays with professionalism. It was treated as if the delays were to be expected. My caregiver has been very helpful and pleasant to have around. She is always read with a smile. During the times I personally do not need her, she finds things to do around the house. Even when doing other tasks, she is rarely out of earshot of me. I am very happy with my caregiver and ComForCare."
- Cheryl K.

"ComForcare was able to care for a very close family friend of mine. I appreciated all that ComForCare was able to do. They quickly had a caregiver ready at the nursing home after I originally called. They also provided a wonderful caregiver that helped my friend with transfers from his bed to the wheelchair. Over the past three weeks that the caregiver has been there at the nursing home, his family and I have noticed a dramatic change for the better. He is eating more, moving more and talking more. I believe that ComForCare is one of the reasons that my friend was able to quickly recover and further enjoy the golden years of his life."
- Gina V.

"I have been a client of ComForCare for almost a year now and want to make it know that they have been a kind, responsive and caring group of people. They have sought to respond to my needs in a timely fashion and have consistently double-checked as to my care and concerns. They started by making sure they understood my needs, followed up with a cheerful and responsive caregiver, fully explained the small amount of paperwork that is required and still regularly call to check on quality and satisfaction of the services that are provided. Not only do they assist with matching client and caregiver, but I have found them to be diligent about assisting with insurance issues that can be daunting at times. However, it is the personal contact and the ever present cheerfulness that makes such a difference especially when one is struggling with health issues."
- Sandra P.

"It is with great pleasure that I recommend ComForCare. I have had great results with using this company for my patient's needs. ComForCare has always displayed a high degree of integrity, responsibility and ambition. They are definitely a leader in senior and patient care. They are dependable. The staff they have placed with my patients have been reliable, compassionate and highly qualified. They really work hard to get staffing for the patients I have referred to them. I feel confident in this company and I am happy to give them my wholehearted endorsement."
- Cathy M., LPN

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