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Home Care Services In Jamesburg, NJ

Seniors who live alone often find it difficult to maintain home care, such as housekeeping and other daily chores. ComForcare provides home care services to seniors who live in the Jamesburg, Southern Middlesex County, and East Brunswick areas of New Jersey. By assisting with home care tasks, we allow seniors and their families to spend less time focusing on housekeeping and more time focusing on wellbeing and health.


Housekeeping is a necessary part of maintaining the comfort and hygiene of an individual’s living space. For many, housework is a seamless part of life. However, this task can become more difficult with age. Seniors naturally experience a decrease in strength, mobility, and agility as they become older. These physical changes present challenges in maintaining home care tasks such carrying the laundry, and taking out the trash.

East Brunswick Communities

ComForcare is minutes down the road from several senior housing communities in East Brunswick, New Jersey. The convenient location ensures that our patients receive punctual care from our trained, experienced, and compassionate caregivers. We understand that a nearby caregiver is often a big concern for seniors and their families, and that’s why we’re just around the corner.

We provide care to senior communities East Brunswick such as:
The Club
Cedar Village at East Brunswick
Waterford at East Brunswick

Transportation and Errands

In addition to housekeeping and other indoor home care, our caregivers also offer assistance with daily tasks and chores outside of the home. Issues such as poor vision, arthritis, and a decrease in coordination will often affect seniors. For these individuals, driving is challenging or ill-advised. We can provide transportation for errands or important events like doctor’s appointments. We also perform errands that involve transportation, such as picking up medication prescriptions and grocery shopping. Seniors who live in Southern Middlesex County, East Brunswick, and Jamesburg can rely on us for their transportation needs.


Alzheimer’s patients face unique obstacles and issues when it comes to daily lifestyle. Patients and family members managing Alzheimer’s often have special requirements for personal care. As a result, these individuals and their loved ones have less time to worry about home care like housekeeping and other chores. We understand the types of challenges that these families face. Our caregivers are specially trained to manage personal and home care plans for Alzheimer’s patients.  Learn more about ComForcare's Alzhiemer's and Dementia care program, DementiaWise, designed by our own expert, Deborah Bier, PhD.

Live-in Home Care

Seniors who experience medical issues such as disabilities or Alzheimer’s may benefit from 24-hour live-in home care. This allows our caregivers to provide assistance with all aspects of daily living, from personal care to home care and chores. Additionally, these seniors also gain companionship. Live-in caregivers help to nurture the social needs of patients. We understand that personal relationships and having someone to talk to will play a significant role in the overall health and happiness of any person.

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