Home Care Services

As we age, we often find that home care tasks that were once a normal part of our daily routine become more difficult. At ComForcare, we are committed to providing seniors with the assistance they need with home care tasks so that life is less stressful and more enjoyable. The top-quality in-home care service offered by ComForcare is now available for seniors in the Carthage, Joplin, Neosho, and Webb City area of Missouri.

Superior Home Care Service

The ComForcare name is well-known in the home care industry as being synonymous with exceptional service and personal, compassionate care. For seniors in the Joplin, Carthage, Webb City, and Neosho area, that trust is taken to a new level as the office is Home Care Pulse certified. The Home Care Pulse program allows clients to fill out continuous surveys based on satisfaction with caregiver and staff compassion, work ethic, communication, and training. Clients and their family can rest easy knowing that ComForcare really cares about making sure they are satisfied with our service, both by this quality satisfaction survey and by the on-going satisfaction check-ins that are performed by our office staff.  

Senior Transportation Services

Our friendly caregivers are pleased to offer senior transportation services for clients. Whether clients have the ability to drive or not, letting someone else take the wheel can be a relief, especially when weather conditions are poor. Having a companion can also make outings and errand runs more pleasant and safer, as caregivers will help prevent falls and assist with any needed mobility aids such as walkers or wheelchairs. Having senior transportation service in the form of a trusted caregiver can allow a welcome chance to get out of the house, which can be so helpful in maintaining emotional well being. 

Condition Management

While our caregivers do not provide direct medical service, caregivers are trained to assist with condition management. Caregivers can help with medication reminders, mobility assistance, and transportation to medical appointments. Caregivers will also help clients follow advice that has been given by physicians regarding home care for injuries or conditions. This may include gentle range of motion exercises, keeping certain body parts elevated, or applying warm or cold compresses. Having a caregiver that is focused on providing assistance with condition management can clients maintain a positive outlook on recovery and the future.

Alzheimer’s Care

ComForcare home care training includes a strong focus on Alzheimer’s care. Caregivers are experts at implementing systems in the home that will mitigate Alzheimer’s risks while providing a comforting environment and retaining familiarity in surroundings. Clients affected by Alzheimer’s disease often benefit from having consistency in daily activities and frequent positive emotional experiences. Our caregivers will work closely with the client and their loved ones to help provide home care for seniors that increases the quality of life as well as ensuring client safety.

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