Senior Personal Care

In the Monett, Aurora, Jasper, and Mt. Vernon area of Missouri, seniors can depend on the professionals at ComForcare to set the standard for quality in-home senior personal care. “Aging in place” is gaining in popularity as seniors discover that personal care needs can be tended to by experts in the comfort of home, often at a lower cost than that which is required by senior care facilities. Remaining at home also allows seniors to stay together with spouses, family, and beloved pets.

Senior Companionship

For seniors that are often alone, nothing can replace the quality time spent with a trusted companion. Our caregivers understand that this quality time is important for emotional health and well being, and can help seniors to remain positive. Whether companionship means bringing clients to the beautiful golf courses in the Mt. Vernon, Monett, Jasper, and Aurora area or simply listening while clients talk about their lives, our caregivers delight in providing senior companionship services.

24 Hour Care

When physical or cognitive impairments force clients to require 24 hour senior personal care, ComForcare is there to help. We make sure that caregivers are not only available, but well-rested to ensure the quality senior personal care that clients need and deserve. We typically send a different caregiver out every eight hours, but will use the same stringent standards when selecting caregivers so that clients are comfortable and can depend on consistency. 

Senior Personal Hygiene

Good hygiene is essential to good health and high self esteem. Having professional assistance with personal hygiene needs can save clients from having to ask for help from family caregivers, which may be uncomfortable for both clients and family members. Our caregivers assist with senior personal hygiene in a manner that is both professional and compassionate to minimize the embarrassment that is often felt by clients when receiving assistance with these types of needs.

Senior personal hygiene care may include gentle assistance with tasks such as: 
  • Bathing
  • Dressing
  • Shaving
  • Brushing teeth
  • Hair care
  • Acquiring home care products

Hospice Services

Seniors and their family members are often comforted by the prospect of having hospice services brought to the home. Being in familiar surroundings can be soothing and can enable the family to rehash cherished memories during this sensitive time. Caregivers are also available to assist with senior personal care and to make necessary phone calls so that clients and their family can focus on spending quality time.

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