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Senior Personal Care

ComForcare is delighted to offer seniors in the Manhattan Beach and Hermosa Beach area of California the highest quality senior personal care. Having a caregiver come to the home to assist with housekeeping tasks and other senior personal care needs can help seniors to remain in their beloved homes instead of moving into nursing homes. This is preferable for most patients because of the higher level of comfort and convenience, but it can also be much more cost effective. 

Daily Personal Care

Caregivers are prepared to offer daily senior personal care that is built around the specific needs of the patient. This may include housework needs such as help with dishes and laundry, or it can include the more involved needs of patients with medical conditions such as dementia. Daily senior personal care is geared towards easing the stress on patients and their family members, so that patients are free to focus their attention on their health and happiness. 

Dementia Care

ComForcare caregivers in the Hermosa Beach and Manhattan Beach area receive the highest standard of training for administering dementia care. Like all of our care, our dementia care is geared towards promoting the highest quality of life for the individual patient. The specific programs may vary based on the stage of dementia and other factors of the patient’s personality and interactivity levels. Our caregivers are skilled at providing advice and assistance for minimizing risks in the home and improving cognitive abilities.

Incontinence Care

When patients need incontinence care, the situation can be uncomfortable for both patients and their family members. Having a caregiver assist with these very personal needs can be a relief for patients and can free family members up to go about personal business or work on other aspects of senior personal care. Our caregivers will make sure that there is an incontinence care plan in place so that patients are kept as comfortable as possible at all times. 

Senior Transportation

The Manhattan Beach and Hermosa Beach areas typically enjoy mild weather, and this is what attracts many seniors to the area in the first place. Our caregivers are pleased to provide senior transportation so that patients can take a break from being home and enjoy the fresh air. We can provide special accommodations for patients that have limited mobility to help with running errands as well as enjoying some time away from home. 

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